About Five Meals Daily

My name is John. I have struggled with my weight all my life. There were times where I put in the effort and got my weight under control, but it never lasted. I would slowly replace those good habits that I had gotten into with bad habits, and slowly but surely, found myself overweight again.

Obviously, part of the problem was that I saw dieting as a temporary thing, thinking that once I achieve my goal, I was done. This way of thinking simply doesn't work. It is much wiser to view getting into healthy habits as a lifestyle change, and then do your best to stick with it.

Another key component of a healthy lifestyle is getting in the habit of eating five small healthy meals, healthy snacks, or meal replacements a day. This is not my idea. I think this way of life has been floating around out there for years. I simply hadn't heard about it until I heard Adam Richman, host of Man vs Food, being interviewed on the radio.

Now, if you're a fan of Man vs Food as I am, you've seen Adam Richman slowly put surely pack on the pounds as he traveled America taking on numerous food eating challenges. Then, one day, I see Adam hosing a show called Food Fighters, and much to my surprise, he had trimmed down quite a bit. So when I heard him being interviewed on The Howard Stern Wrap Up Show, and the show's host asked Adam how he managed to lose the weight, you can be sure I listened up.

Adam said that the thing that worked for him was to eat a small meal every two or three hours. He said it didn't matter if it was a turkey burger, a protein shake, a protein bar, whatever, as lost as it is providing your body with the fuel it needs without overwhelming it. It hadn't even occurred to me to explore protein shakes and bars before that, but I figured that if you're eating five meals a day, you are going to need some of those meals to be convenient and affordable, so that made a lot of sense.

Me, Before and AfterI did some research on protein shakes. Ideal Shakes, from IdealShape got good marks for value, taste, nutrition, consistency and value. I decided to give them a try. When I got my first drum of chocolate protein powder, I noticed that it said right on the back, "Make sure to eat 5 small, healthy meals each day, including your IdealShake."

Sound familiar?

As luck would have, I liked the taste, and I have been a regular customer of theirs for over a year now. Even now that I have surpassed m weight goals, I continue to order their shakes so I can easily stick with a healthy lifestyle that includes eating five meals a day.

IdealShape also makes protein bars, but I have to admit, I never tried them. Instead, I found a couple of other protein bars that I found that I liked, and with 20 grams of protein each, I saw no reason to look into any other brands. Those brands, specifically are Pure Protein and Promax. Both brands offer bars with protein that exceeds 20g, but that is a happy medium for me. My favorite flavors are Chocolate Peanut Butter by Pure Protein and Nutty Butter Crisp by Promax. You can buy either of them at local health stores like The Vitamin Shoppe, or on Amazon.com. I buy them by the dozen, and usually eat one or the other every two days as an afternoon snack, alternating with a favorite yogurt.

Of course, taste is a subjective thing, so you may need to try a few shakes and bars before you find the one's that work for you. You have to like it, otherwise, you won't stick with it.

While on my most recent weight loss journey, and before learning about about eating five meals a day, I hit a weight loss plateau, and I was still seventeen pounds overweight. I tried like hell to lose more weight, and my scale wasn't having any of it. Once I started eating five small meals a day, the pounds started dropping off again. I wish I had learned about that earlier in my efforts to lose weight. I'm sure I would have progressed more rapidly. Ah well, live and learn.

One important thing that I haven't mentioned yet is exercise. It's really important that you get into the habit of some sort of physical activity, be it going for long walk or hitting the gym, or, like me, working out at home, and supplementing that with long walks. When I started, I couldn't do a proper push up, so I started out by doing pushups with my knees on the floor. After a few months, I had progressed enough to do proper pushups, and even then, I started with a low number of reps, and increased that number as I was able. Now I'm doing multiple sets of forty reps each through my workout routine, and I will continue to increase that as I go along. The point is, you have to start somewhere.

I'm not here to brag, although it may sound like that from time to time. I'm here because I really believe that eating Five Meals Daily leads to a healthier life. I want to shout it to the mountain top with the hopes of helping people, like me, who struggle with weight loss.