Get Down With The Sickness

Coughing up Slimmer.

Even a healthy lifestyle can get thrown a curve ball now and then. This past week, I have been fighting this nasty chest cold. I get into coughing fits that usually result in expelling great big globs that bear a resemblance to Slimmer from Ghostbusters. Count yourself lucky that I chose to illustrate this by using Slimmer, rather than taking a photo of the real thing, because the real thing is gross.

I haven't been up to writing a blog post this past week due to my illness. This is a shame, because one thing about us guys: when we get sick, we become cry babies. What better way to moan and groan than to do it in a blog post? So, if you will indulge me for a minute, I will now make the effort and have a brief interlude of moaning and groaning.

Oh, whoa is me! Health, why hast thou forsaken me? So much effort I have put forth, making sure I have fruits and vegetables aplenty. Every morn, I break my fast with an orange and a vitamin-packed protein shake. Every night, I have a pile of steamed veg. Did this keep the demons at bay? Did this ward off an infection from my lungs? Alas, is did not. Boo-hoo. Do not pity me, dear friends. Your pity will do me no good, but if you can muster a few kind words at my funeral, I can shuffle off this mortal coil in peace. Snif.

I feel a little better now. Thanks!

All kidding aside, I have a lot to be grateful for. As illnesses go, a chest infection is not terribly serious. It should work its way out of my system with no medical intervention. I just need to keep drinking water, getting my vitamin C, and getting rest. I landed a great new job which was supposed to start this week. Due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, my start date had been pushed back a week. This gives me another week to recover.  I have been keeping up with my workouts, although I have not been up for doing calisthenics. In lieu of the calisthenics, I have been going on ridiculously long walks, and I still row on my rowing machine. I am hooked on keeping active. There could be worse things to to be hooked on. I might be getting down with the sickness, but I am not going to let the sickness get me down.