Body Fat Calculator

The Body Fat Calculator helps you to determine what percentage of your total body mass of fat divided by total body mass.

In order to calculate the percentage of body fat for men, only your weight and your waist (measured at the navel) are required. For woman, you will also need to input your wrist, hips, and forearm measurements. To take these measurements, do the following:

  • Wrist: circumference, measure at the widest point
  • Hip: circumference, measure at the widest point
  • Forearmcircumference, measure at the widest point

Body fat includes essential body fat and storage body fat. Everyone needs a certain amount of essential body fat to maintain life and reproductive functions.

Compare your body fat percentage with the chart below to determine if your percentage of fat is in the healthy range. These figures are provided by the American Council on Exercise. The table shows how average percentages differ according to the specified groups and categories.

Essential fat10–13%2–5%