Waist to Hip Ratio

Your waist to hip ratio is a tool that helps you determine your overall health risk. Folks with more weight around their waist are at greater risk of lifestyle related diseases such as heart disease and diabetes than those with weight around their hips.

Simply enter your Waist Circumference and Hip Circumference. To take these measurements, do the following:

  • Waist Circumference: measure at the widest point
  • Hip Circumference: measure at the widest point

Refer your result to the ratios in the following chart to see whether or not you are at risk. Keep in mind that this indicates your level of health risk based solely on your waist to hip ratio.

MaleFemaleHealth Risk
0.95 or below0.80 or belowLow Risk
0.96 to 1.00.81 to 0.85Moderate Risk
1.0+0.85+High Risk